4 Tools You Can’t Live Without

Today’s accountant only needs four tools to start a practice, or to have available, if they are working in an industry for a business. They are as follows: Mobile Phone Computer (preferably Laptop) Software (breaks down to a number of categories, including productivity software such as Microsoft 365 or the GSuite) Internet Access In addition, […]

State of the Accounting Profession, 2016: Fantastic & Huge

  Now is a Great Time to Start Your Own Practice is reprinted from Intuit Accountants News Central  I have traveled across the country since May, speaking and visiting many accounting firms, and have come to the conclusion that now is one of the better times to start an Accounting or Bookkeeping practice. The entrepreneurial spirit […]

The Uberization of the CPA Profession

The CPA profession is going the same direction that the licensed taxi has with Uber. Non-regulated or non-licensed firms are springing up everywhere, claiming to be accounting and advisory services operations, or just plain tax practices. It amazes me to watch this shift occur. You do not need to be a CPA, or even an accountant, to […]

CPA, Cognitor, or CTA: It’s Time to Rebrand

CPA, Cognitor, or CTA: It’s Time to Rebrand It’s time to rebrand the Certified Public Accountant. Some accounting professionals favor the titles Certified Trusted Advisor (CTA) or Cognitor. In a recent web search, I found many definitions. Some of them are starting with the basic definition, “an individual who has passed the uniform CPA examination.” […]

Small Businesses: See Industry Trends

QuickBooks has a neat tool for small businesses where you can see trends customized for your industry, then share it as a widget on your website or blog. So whether you’re an accountant, a restaurant owner, a retailer, or even a truck driver, you can see what’s going on in your local area or nationwide. […]

How to “Ubersize” Your Technology

How to “Ubersize” Your Technology is Reprinted from Intuit Accountant News Central (July 22, 2015) Blockbuster thought they had it made, yet they could have turned into a Netflix. Borders thought in terms of books, when they should have thought in terms of Kindles and electronic distribution. Kodak invented the first digital camera, but was afraid […]

Will Your Firm Survive?

Reprinted from The Boomer Bulletin – 2005 Direct link Will Your Firm Survive? David Bergstein belongs to Intuit’s Accountant & Advisory Group and is a thought-leader in Technology Issues in the Accounting Firm, such as Wireless, Paperless Workflow, Apps, Cloud and Mobile.  In 2015, Accounting Today listed him as one of their Top 100 Most Influential People […]